The Sustainable Trails Coalition is a Colorado incorporated non-profit and registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(4).  As such your donations are not tax deductible  

As stated previously, just as we are against a blanket ban on all human powered travel, we are not in favor of a blanket permit.   We simply want to see more rational and reasonable rules to insure that America's trail network can be enjoyed by all and is sustainable for future generations.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors love the outdoors, love our Wilderness Areas, go hiking, backpacking, skiing, and yes, we like to mountain bike as well. 

  • Ted Stroll, President - Ted is a retired attorney. He worked for the Stoel Rives law firm in Portland, Ore., and then in the California court system for 25 years. He is an avid mountain biker who has worked on local and national access advocacy issues for many years. He is the author of  Congress's Intent in Banning Mechanical Transport in the Wilderness Act of 1964 (12 Penn State Environmental Law Review 459 (2004)) and an op-ed essay in The New York Times on Wilderness restrictions (“Lost in the Wilderness,” N.Y. Times, Aug. 27, 2010.)
  • Jackson Ratcliffe, Treasurer and Webmaster - Jackson is a long time hiker and backpacker who started mountain biking within the past 16 years, but only discovered the joys of singletrack within the past decade.  Jackson sincerely believes that mountain bikes are the horses of the 21st century, so if a trail can sustain equestrian travel, he believes that it can usually sustain travel by mountain bike.  However, land managers should have the final say, not Washington, as they are the experts on the lands under their protection.   Jackson is also on the board of Access4Bikes, a local mountain bike advocacy group based in Marin CA.
  • David Simon - David is an off road cycling advocate and passionate defender of wilderness from Marin County, CA.  David also spends much of his free time building and maintaining sanctioned, sustainable trails in his local area. "I have witnessed first hand the toll on the trails and open space from biased rules that single out certain trail users.  I joined the STC board in the interest of saving the concept of 'wilderness' and the Wilderness Act in an age of cell phones, XBOX and unlimited connectivity.  If the youth does not respect wilderness, there will be no wilderness."
  • Jeff Barker, Youth Advocacy Liaison - A lifelong outdoorsman, Jeff added mountain biking to his outdoor repertoire in the 1980's. He gives back to trails through advocacy, outreach, education, coaching, guiding and stewardship. He is very active with youth mountain biking programs and serves as STC's Youth Advocacy Liasion, helping kids understand and practice friendly trail courtesy as well as the rewards that come from trail maintenance and construction. Jeff is also active with several trail advocacy organizations in the greater Sacramento and Tahoe regions, working with equestrians, trail runners, hikers and mountain bikers to collaborate towards a more unified trail community... a community that must take greater interest in and better care for our wildlands so they remain both relevant and navigable for future generations.
  • Jane Ragan, MD - Jane is a practicing Internal Medicine physician and passionate, hard working dirt level trails and conservation volunteer with local land trusts, IMBA Chapter, Bicyclists of Nevada County (of which she is also an Officer), and Youth Bicyclists of Nevada County. She is an avid mountain biker, hiker and cross country skier who believes Wilderness needs mountain bikers and mountain bikers need Wilderness
  • John Fisch - John is an avid backcountry enthusiast who hikes, bikes and backpacks at every opportunity and is a regular contributor to
  • Diana Boyer - Diana is an advocate who devotes both her personal and professional time promoting health and wellness for California's disadvantaged youth. She serves as a board member of the Folsom Auburn Trail Riders Action Coalition and the Auburn Trails Alliance, working with local land managers to educate trail users, promote responsible trail use, and improve trail safety. Diana has also been spearheading efforts to build a local bicycle park in Auburn and believes such parks are an important way to give kids a safe space to ride while building skills, fitness and promoting socialization and building community. An avid trail runner and cyclist, recovering backpacker, and working mom, Diana believes in the healing power of outdoor exploration. Getting more kids and working families into Wilderness areas benefits people and protects our lands for future generations.




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