Just as we're opposed to a blanket ban on bikes in wilderness areas, we're also opposed to a blanket permit.

Under existing rules, land managers have wide discretion and authority to restrict certain activities from certain areas at certain times.  So just as there are rules one where one can camp, when and where campfires are allowed, and where you can ride your horse, local land managers can allow, or restrict, cyclists as appropriate.

The bills we hope to see passed simply eliminate the blanket ban and return authority to the local land managers.

As a reminder to those who may not know the legislative history of the Wilderness Act, here is the original regulation that was enacted in 1966 to support the Wilderness Act, and how it addressed bicycles:

"Mechanical transport, as herein used, shall include any contrivance which travels over ground, snow, or water, on wheels, tracks, skids, or by floatation and is propelled by a nonliving power source contained or carried on or within the device."  

36 CFR § 293.6(a) (1973), formerly 36 CFR § 251.75 (1966)

Clearly bikes were originally allowed, and should never have been banned.  Please help us reverse this ban.