In the past 11 months we have raised over $130,000 have had our proposed legislation introduced in the Senate.

Now we need to get the bill through the Senate, through the House, and signed by the President.

So we are now hoping to raise an additional $125,000 to make this bill into a law.  All money raised will be spent on DC advising and grassroots public-relations and political work.  We are all volunteers, so none of your money will go towards our salaries, retreats or lunch.  All of your money will be spent trying to make the Human Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act a law.

Please be aware that the Sustainable Trails Coalition is formed as a 501(c)(4).  As such your donations are not tax deductible.  Sorry.

If you’re worried about your name being publicly disclosed as a contributor to the Sustainable Trails Coalition, please be assured we won’t disclose this information unless required by law.

Lastly, we cannot guarantee success.  We can however guarantee that our elected representatives will hear our case and we will start a serious discussion about fixing some slightly flawed legislation.

Donate To The Cause with Credit Card

If you would like to donate more, and maximize the effectiveness of your donation by avoiding the credit card fees, please feel free to contact us at  Or, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask or check out our frequently asked questions page, and if that doesn't help, shoot us an email.