San Diego mountain bikers, we need your help!

House bill 1349 will reverse the blanket ban on human-powered mountain biking in Wilderness and allow federal rangers who know an area to determine which trails, if any, can support bicycle access.  

Please take a minute to write Congressman Scott Peters to let him know you support House bill 1349. You can write him directly at this link .

This legislation is just good common sense and allows everyone to enjoy our public lands when and where appropriate.

Here's some language you can use when you write:

"Please co-sponsor H.R. 1349. This bill will allow on-scene federal employees to regulate bicycling on trails within Wilderness areas. Currently, agency regulations bar rangers from allowing any mountain biking in Wilderness, even if they think it is a good idea!  The Forest Service finalized its total Wilderness bicycle ban in 1984, when mountain biking was a novelty. Since then, agencies have learned how to manage mountain biking. Please co-sponsor this bill so they can do so."

Thank you for your support, and please share this with the San Diego mountain biking community.